FIVE YEARS IN 2013 -2018

The Denver Actors Fund (DAF) is a modest source of immediate, situational financial relief when members of the local theater community find themselves in sudden medical need. But that is not all.

The Denver Actors Fund, the brainchild of veteran arts journalist John Moore and local actor Chris Boeckx, began as an idea in May of 2013 in response to a sudden rash of incidences involving a number of local theatre artists.

The organization was officially established in June and by December the DAF issued its first medical reimbursement check.

As of May 21, 2018, the DAF has provided financial aid totaling $231,000 to 71 Colorado theatre artists and, through our volunteer Action Teams, provided practical assistance to more than 100 others.

The Action Teams provide services to the community by assisting with shopping, housecleaning, meal preparation and delivery, transportation, child care, pet-sitting, visitation and light construction. In the past five years approximately 1,000 people have donated time, money or both and raised the number of volunteer hours to more than 500.

Broadway stars Beth Malone, Annaleigh Ashford, Andy Mientus, Lulu Fall and Mara Davi have donated time and talent to raise funds for the DAF.  Another large supporter, Alamo Drafthouse, hosts “Denver Actors Fund Presents,” which focuses on films inspired by musicals that are currently being performed by a Colorado theatre company. In 2019 this event will be transformed into an annual film festival.

With the help of programs like the Tap Shoe Initiative, local theatres statewide host DAF collection nights. “Miscast,” is an annual opportunity for the local theatre community’s top performers to sing songs and act out scenes they would never … ever! … get cast to perform on a legitimate stage.

“It’s a rare person who never needed a helping hand at some time, Moore said. “Those performing in the Colorado theater community do it more for the passion than the paycheck.  Most have day jobs with little or no health insurance, and they are vulnerable to the unpredictable illness or injury that can happen to any of us.”

“Over the years, actors, directors, producers and companies had to pass the hat when someone needed immediate financial or emotional assistance. However, the hat passing was informal and impromptu. We’re passing the collective hat now. “

To qualify for assistance, an applicant must have been a Colorado resident for the past six months and have worked on at least one theatrical production in the past five years.

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