REVIEW: CATS at the Denver Center

by Ryan August

Cats at the Buell Theatre was an achievement. Upon entering the theater, the energy was incontrovertible. Throughout the entirety, the audience was erupting with excitement and almost stopping the show between each song. The voices were immaculate and brought the show to life in a new way. The success of any Cats production always hinges on the dancing being phenomenal, the voices filling up the theater with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s harmonies, and Grizabella’s performance of Memory in the second act. The dancers were even better than expected with incredible technique, especially Victoria and Mr. Mistoffelees. Andy Blankenbuehler gave an incredible update to the choreography while respecting its source material fully. Grizabella’s performance was so moving that although we all know the song, the crescendo and octave jump came in the last chorus, and I didn’t see a dry eye in the house. Taking something familiar and making it new and surprising isn’t easy, but it’s one this touring company did with ease.


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