REVIEW: PHAMALY’S CHICAGO at the Denver Center

by Michael Mulhern

I have witnessed, loved and supported the exceptional actors of PHAMALY for over a decade now. I have experienced such wonderful productions including Man of La Mancha, Beauty and the Beast, Into the Woods, Annie, and Fiddler on the Roof (just to name a few). While PHAMALY’s CHICAGO is full of high energy and great voices, I feel that this show was not the right fit for this talented company….. Let me explain….

Erin Schneider was good, but didn’t win me over as the vixen Velma Kelly. I liked her singing voice, but don’t feel like she ever really connected with this iconic role. Megan McGuire was quite lovely and charming as Roxie Hart and has an absolutely lovely singing voice. Her only downfall was that she was a little young for the role and brought too much innocence to the part. I loved Laurice Quinn’s rendition of When You’re Good to Mama and it brought down the house, but she faded into the background after that. Leonard Barrett Jr. was fabulous and oh so charismatic as the devious Billy Flynn and everyone absolutely loved his energetic renditions of All I Care About and especially Razzle Dazzle. The standout of the show had to go to Robert Michael Sanders as Roxie’s innocent husband Amos Hart and he brought down the house with Mr. Cellophane.

While this was not my favorite PHAMALY production, the singing, energy, and passion were absolutely apparent, so decide for yourself and support a wonderfully talented theater company!

CHICAGO is entertaining audiences now through August 25th at the Studio Loft of the Ellie Caulkins Opera House of the Denver Center. For tickets or more information, contact PHAMALY by calling 303-365-0005 or online at


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