at the Aurora Fox Arts Center

by Michael Mulhern

An immersive haunting of the Aurora Fox – a world of spectral regrets and paths not taken. Join Control Group for a journey into the haunted depths of this historic theater, as we unearth resonant histories and unnerving fictions conjured from the building’s past. In this haunt-inspired immersive performance, the ghosts of the Fox come alive around us.  These lost souls are consumed by something scarier than any monster: regret, and the remembrance of lost things.

Ever since I saw Sleep No More in New York City, I have been deeply drawn to immersive theater. When I saw this intriguing show pop up on my radar, I knew I had to go and am so happy I did. Under the artistic direction of Patrick Mueller, this company delivered an fascinating intensive and creative night of suspense and intrigue. I loved exploring the depths of the Aurora Fox Arts Center and the little vignettes in each room were well scripted and really drew the audience members into the production. I also appreciated the video at the beginning of the show that highlighted some true facts about the history of the Aurora Fox before delving into fiction. The standout of the night was the absolutely amazing maze of props in the black box theater.  I have to applaud the set dressing and design crew for such an uncommon design that had the audience exploring for quite some time. The other thrilling element was the individual cut-aways. I was delighted to hear that individual audience members were whisked away from the group for their own private scene with the actors. I tip my hat to this talented cast and crew – job very well done!!!

If I were granted 3 wishes, they would be – 

  1. I wish they had a longer run, even for just one more weekend. 
  2. They just had rolling credits at the end of the show, instead of featuring all of the actors (it felt a little weird applauding to a movie screen that wasn’t Star Wars).
  3. That the Aurora Fox makes this a tradition for years to come!

Unlike its title, this utterly unique and fascinating show belongs anywhere else but the cutting room floor. I look forward to the next inventive creation by this talented company!

Seating is limited! For tickets or more information, contact the Aurora Fox Box Office my calling 303-739-1970 or online at For more information about Control Room Productions, check them out at


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