at Equinox Theatre

by Emilee Hatfield

Who would have thought that popular music from the 70s and the concept of disaster films of said era would combine to make a hilarious musical?  Well.. obviously Seth Rudesky did! Now being the fan of Broadway that I am, I have heard and enjoyed many of Seth Rudesky’s works.However I did wonder how it could transfer with someone else having the reigns instead of its creator.

When attending the Equinox Theatre Company’s production of DISASTER! the Musical, all I could think of was “What craziness was going to happen throughout this musical?!?” What I got was what exactly what I hoped for, but I also was able to see a good bit of improv and unique staging.  

The Bug theatre is defiantly small, but situated in such a comfortable setting that it fit the intensity of the catastrophe theme well. With the trailers of popular disaster movies playing on the small overhead screen, just before the show patrons who weren’t familiar with the show got a good idea of what this production parodies.

The director/set designer Colin Roybal did get very creative when setting up the set with a premise based on a floating casino. He allowed the actors themselves to use the set to create even more laughs, especially when something Actually went wrong. This creativity proved that basic can work, and simplicity can be utilized for comedy gold.

There are many excellent cast members within this production that were wonderful, and you could clearly tell they were having a blast doing it. But the two I have to point out is Jessica Sotwick, who plays Sister Mary and Katelyn Kendrick, in the role of Ben/Lisa. These two women stole the show and every time they were on stage. The audience found themselves laughing at every second they interacted ith the other actors. Their timing was impeccable and their hard work in the end paid off.

Overall Disaster the musical was a very funny and enjoyable theatre going experience. The Equinox Theatre Company did well with what it had and I cannot wait to see other productions they will be doing in the future with such creativity at the helm.

DISASTER! the musical plays through December 2nd, for more information and tickets are available at or by calling (720) 984-0781.


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