by Sue Leiser

Josh Cohen has been robbed!  He has an apartment that is devoid of almost everything, no job, no girlfriend, not much of anything, including much of a life AND THEN!……he receives a letter that will greatly change his life!

I am not a “professional  critic”!  I write about what I “ see” on the stage in hopes that some one might want to see what I saw and have a fun evening as well, and so it’s a bit tricky to write about The Other Josh Cohen because it is so different and quirky. I have to preface

EVERYTHING by saying that the actors were SUPURB!  They do it all from outstanding vocals, comedic performances and all of them playing tons of instruments!

Brett Ambler, Valerie Igoe, Seth Dhonau, Nicole deBree and Aaron are amazing! The costume changes and character changes are top drawer and I am amazed at what they pulled off!

Then the musicians! David Nelhs and David DeMichelis are on stage the whole time and Keith Ewer who is behind a window sounds like he’s playing on 100 different drums!  And the three of them sound like a full orchestra!

There are two Josh Cohens!  I won’t even try to explain them; you must come to see this show yourself to understand who “they” are, and “they” are absolutely remarkable! “They” receive a letter in the mail with a sizeable check that could be life changing for the broke and out of work Josh but the antics that ensue are so hilarious and so quick that the 90 minute show with no intermission is over in a second and

I, for one, didn’t want it to end. The music is fun, the shtick is funner, and I got a kick out of Sammy Cohen being Josh’s great grandfather as my own dad was Sammy Cohen!  Just go see this show!


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