at BDT Stage in Boulder

by Sue Leiser

When I walked into the theater at BDT Stage the first thing I noticed was the gorgeous proscenium design , and then, “LOOK At ALL of these CHILDREN!” And by the end of the show I wanted to be one! Seeing  THE LITTLE MERMAID as an adult was so electrifying to me I couldn’t imagine seeing it’s splendor through the eyes of a child! What I experienced was the most beautiful show I have ever seen at BDT!

Scenic beauty by Amy Campion, spectacular costumes by Linda Morken, fabulous wigs by Debbie Spauer and amazing hand puppets by Karl Hermanson. Neal Dunfee’s band was wonderful; flying sea urchins, flying actors, projections galore, and directed and choreographed, with love by Matthew Peters!

And the cast!  Lillian Buonocore as Ariel not only floats through the air, so does her voice. Cole LaFonte as Prince Eric is a fabulous newcomer; more of him, please! “POOR UNFORTUNATE SOULS” sung by Ali King Meyers was a show-stopper for me, and “UNDER THE SEA” was where BDT pulled out all the stops! Scott Beyette was “adorable “ as the Chef (sorry…Scotty) Anthony McGlaun, Bob Hoppe, and Chris Lederer flew and swam all over the stage, Scott Severtson as King Triton was wonderful, Brian Jackson and Matty Peters as Flotsam and Jetsam – the Mersisters  (Ariel’s mermaid sister’s), Brian Burton as Grimsby were ALL superb!

Listen! Just make your reservations now to see this magical production and get your own program so you can see who and what I’m talking about. I can’t imagine how BDT STAGE plans to top this show but I’m sure they’re working on it!

THE LITTLE MERMAID runs through September 8th. Call 303-449-6000 or visit for reservations and information about upcoming shows.


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