by Little Miss Lyric

When I heard that I was going to see Matilda the musical I was filled with joy and couldn’t stop smiling! Who has seen the movie or read the book and didn’t fall in love?! When I first walked in the theatre there were floating letters spelling “Matilda” glowing blue in the dark. The sound of a little girls laugh and birds chirping in the background made the ambiance mysterious and filled me with anticipation.

The opening act was cheerful with all the kids and adults singing and dancing. It was a great introduction of the cast. By the way, kudos to the casting director. Such a talented group of kids! These people can SING!  You could feel their excitement and energy throughout the theatre. It made me want to be up there too! The play doesn’t follow the storyline exactly but the song and dance makes up for it. I was waiting and waiting for the magic to start because that’s the best part right?! However that didn’t happen until the last two acts of the second half and even then it was minimal. More magic please! 

One of my favorite parts of the play was the iconic moment Ms. Trunchbull is repulsed by the student with pigtails and swings her by her hair launching her into the sky. Mean, I know but hilarious and well executed. In the movie I hated Ms. Trunchbull and couldn’t wait for Matilda and Ms. Honey to get their revenge buuuut I LOVED LOVED her in the play. Hands down my favorite character. Cooper Kaminsky did a phenomenal job bringing her to life. She was mean and hilarious and her makeup and costume was on point. I really enjoyed some of the more memorable scenes like when Bruce eats Ms. Trunchbull’s chocolate cake and she forces him to eat it all and when Lavender puts the newt in Ms. Trunchbull’s water. The audience erupted with laughter seeing this large hateful woman terrified of a little newt. 

Matilda is a fearless, clever and intelligent girl who is inspiring and lovable. Ella Smith did a fantastic job. She blew my mind with her talent and vocal skills. There’s no way I could remember all those lines and we’re almost the same age! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see this show with my parents who shared in the excitement of watching something they grew up loving too. 

If you’ve been thinking about going to see it..DO IT! Stop what you’re doing and buy tickets before the show is gone. You can thank me later.

MATILDA the Musical is electrifying audiences now through February 9th. For tickets or more information, contact the Parker Arts Center Box Office by calling 303-805-6800 or online at


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