REVIEW: MY WAY at Cherry Creek Theatre

by Sue Leiser

Let the music of Frank Sinatra transport you back in time to a swanky nightclub on the Las Vegas strip.  Experience more than 50 quintessential hits from the Ol’ Blue Eyes collection.  From The Lady is a Tramp to New York, New York, you can’t help but hum along with your favorite jazz standards on this trip down memory lane.  Pack up, let’s fly away and fall in love all over again with the music of one of the most celebrated recording artists of all time.

My mother once told me how, when she was young, the “Bobby Soxers” would actually SWOON when they would go to Frank Sinatra concerts which I thought was absurd until the 50’s when I was invited to see Elvis Presley in concert and the girls were literally taken out of the Amphitheater by police in overhead transfers!  I think a certain following would still see Elvis if he were here but his music is not the classic /classy sound of Sinatra which will be around forever! That is one of the reasons I loved “My Way” at Cherry Creek Theater!

Walking into the theater you are transferred into a beautiful Art Deco nightclub designed by Tina ANDERSON. Soon DAVID Nels, Music Director/ accompanist extraordinaire enters followed by the cast wearing beautiful costumes designed by Kelly Gregson. Choreographed by Susie Snodgrass this cast begins to play the room and they are a complete delight!  Stephen Day, Sheryl McCallum, Jeremy Rill and Shannan Steele are absolutely wonderful, each one owning the song they are singing and, yes I did, I kept looking around the room at the audience and there were smiling faces everywhere! It’s such a pleasure to see and hear CLASS; I’m sure you know what I mean!  You listen to some fun stories about Sinatra and then his music and at the end of the evening you want more!  But you still have that smile on your face!

MY WAY runs thru Feb. 23 with a very special performance on Monday night, Feb. 17, to benefit the Denver Actors Fund. 20 dollars cash ( we don’t want the credit card company taking money from us) and it will be a special treat to not only see a wonderful show but support local actors through Denver Actors Fund!  See you there! Performances are at the Mizel Center and tickets are available by calling 303-8006578 or online at


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