by Taylor Jo Oxley

The Rembrandt presented by Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company was a lovely production, both in performance and technical aspects, despite the lack of a clear script. The show had a plethora of good life lessons throughout it that muddled the final moral of the story.

Jessica Dickey’s script explores themes of mortality, family relationships, and living out your dreams. These are all great topics to explore through theatre, but in my opinion this play tried to carry too much weight. There are many good moments in The Rembrandt but it is hard to decipher what the takeaway of this piece is supposed to be.

Despite the script, BETC does a wonderful job in making this story come to life. The set was perfectly functional for this performance, making changes from scene to scene flawless. The beautifully colored and textured graphics during set changes gave the eyes of the audience something to play with to pass the time. The lighting was perfectly compliment to the era in which each scene was set, as well as the costumes in said scene.

Erik Sandoval’s performance as Henry and Rembrandt was wonderful. He captured the essence of Henry perfectly. A youthful Spencer Althoff played the roles of Dodger and Titus. His ability to be two completely separate people was astounding. The qualities brought to each character were precisely what was necessary and performed effortlessly. Jim Hunt’s representation of Homer was very over the top, which you can decide for yourself if that is a good thing or a bad thing. His portrayal of Simon was splendid; funny, witty, and a bit morbid. The roles of Madeline and Henny were played by Adrian Egolf. She did a nice job, but nothing memorable.

The Rembrandt is a great production, and if you are an art or history buff you would probably enjoy it. If you are going into the theater to get something for your soul, you might leave confused as to what you just took in.

Decide for yourself. THE REMBRANDT is enticing audiences now through March 3rd. For tickets, showtimes, or more information, contact BETC by calling 303-351-2382 or online at THE REMBRANDT performances are at the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, CO.


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