by Michael Mulhern

Once upon a time…there was a children’s book that shocked frightened and delighted children –  Der Struwwelpeter. Thirty years after the Brothers Grimm gave children nightmares with their fairy tales of terror…a new children’s book came along teaching children to behave themselves…or else. Long before the fluffer-nutter that is Disney candy coated young minds, these children’s fairy tales were all about life lessons ultimate demises and and hardly a happy ever after to be found

If there were two words to describe this production it would be – SCRUMPTIOUSLY SADISTIC and our entire audience could not get enough!

As we entered the theatre we were greeted warmly by the lovely and energetic Maggie Tisdale, who immediately immersed us into the unique adventure that was to come. It was an intimate setting with seating for less than 25 people. I adored the layout of the production that gave you several different angles. The set by designer Matthew Schlief seemed basic at first, but throughout the show, the fascinating levels and layers of this interesting design kept revealing itself. Kudos to Music Director and the singing MC Paul Fowler that kept the energy vibrant throughout the show and made the story transitions effortless. I also have to give a shout out to the MC of the evening, Lance Rasmussen who engaged, entertained, and at times disturbed the audience, but kept us engaged from start to finish. One of the other aspects that intrigued me was the use of multi-media mediums. From the puppets, to the costumes – the marionettes and even using an old-school overhead projector, these tools proved ever so effective and I applaud the entire team on an amazing job well done!!! High praises to director Amada Berg Wilson on finding a wonderful ensemble including an impressive array of talented young actors. 

What an udderly odd and fascinating evening of theatre that kept me and the audience engaged and in awe from beginning to end. Sadly I caught this gorgeous Bohemian gem at the end of its run, but I truly hope that this memorable production makes a revival very soon.

Let me reiterate – there are some productions in a companies history that are meant to be revived and like their haunting production of United Flight 232, SHOCKHEAD PETER had better come back to delight audiences again!

There is still time to see SHOCKHEAD PETER in Boulder, but hurry!!! For tickets or more information, contact the Dairy Center by calling 303-40-7826 or online at


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