REVIEW: TOWARDS ZERO with Firehouse Theater

by Isaac Rosen

I had the pleasure of seeing Towards Zero by Agatha Christie at the John Hand Theatre. I had never seen anything by Agatha Christie but I knew a little bit about the author so I had a broad idea of what was in store; intrigue, mystery and the like. I was not disappointed. For those of you who have never been to the John Hand Theatre, note, it is very intimate. Between the back row and the actors on stage there is maybe 30 feet. A theatre like this is the perfect setting for a show where mystery is involved because it really helps draw the audience in, making it an ideal fit for this show in which a group of well to do seemingly unconnected people gather at the estate of a wealthy elderly widow, from there murder ensues.

The production, put on by the Firehouse Theatre Company was thoroughly enjoyable! At first I thought it was more of a murder mystery who-dunnit. But as the afternoon went on I began to realize it was more of a slow burn character study towards an ending the audience could see a mile away. I had some trouble hearing the actors at times, despite their proximity to the audience. No one was really projecting.  My favorite element was definitely the lighting design, which made use of shadowy windowsills and silhouettes of chandeliers. This production is definitely a must see for Denver Theatre Audiences who enjoy lighter mellower non musical fare.

Towards Zero is running through March 26th at the John Hand Theatre.


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