REVIEW: WAKEY WAKEY at Benchmark Theatre

by Owen Niland

This one will be a brief review.

This one you don’t want to know too much about before the lights go down.

This one will leave you smiling, unsettled, untethered, and a little dazed.

This one you should see with someone you love and can talk about with after.

This one is about the big questions, the ones we don’t ask often enough, the ones we can barely find the
words for, except “What’s it all about?”

This one has among Denver’s best performances of the year. Augustus Truhn’s “Guy” is a master stroke
of humanity – a performance that is at once accessible, inscrutable, charming and frustrating – one that
will stick with you. Similarly, Arlene Rapal’s “Lisa” brings an appreciated comfort to the stage, grounding
a cerebral script in the here-and-now.

This one is a spare production, well edited and immersive, eliminating anything unnecessary.

Director Rachel Rogers and Benchmark Theater Company should be commended for producing this
wonderful show. Benchmark is proving its chops as Denver’s premier production company for
unexpected theatrical experiences.

This one you need to see to understand.

I’m still wearing the little bracelet they gave away at the play, and I read the words on it every day.

WAKEY WAKEY is fascinating audiences now through February 16th. Performances are Friday and Saturday evenings at
8pm and Sunday evenings at 6pm. Industry Night is scheduled for Monday, February 4 th ($12 tickets). Additional performances on Thursday, January 24 th and January 31 st . (Note: No performance on Friday, February, 8 th .) The production will take
place at the company’s home at The Bench at 40West in the 40West Arts District in Lakewood at 1560 Teller Street. Please visit to purchase tickets and send any inquiries to


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