REVIEW: Pipedream Productions presents


by Michael Mulhern

“What a Play…..Or Something.”

An Actor, an Audience and a sealed envelope. This local production was shrouded in such mystery, it compelled me and audience members to attend. The premise is the ultimate challenge in cold reading and they put up some of Denver’s finest talent to the test. The black box theater on the DU campus was the perfect space for this intimate show.

This play with definitely a thinker as I’m still pondering its layers of complexity as I write this review. It is a combination of so many things – a social experiment with tinges of communism, Marxism, Stockholm syndrome, narcissism, isolation, and even a homage to Schrodinger’s Box as the cherry on top. The Playwright had fun with his script; the actor reading his work and the entire audience. This script transcends borders and boggles the mind; and is a fascinating social conscious study with the ultimate question – Which Rabbit Are You?!?

The show invites you to participate and is very Interactive; but then turns the tables  on you with right hook by giving you the independence to say no. It also strips your personal identity down to a number and pushes your level of participation, comfort, and compassion. It does beg to question…..what are your limits of obedience?

Anthony Adu was articulate, engaging, and personable as the Actor and took us on the journey with the perfect blend of comedic charm and dramatic intensity. Pipedream productions shows great promise with this intriguing show and I look forward to what is to come from this freshman company!

Take a trip down the rabbit hole, you’ll be glad you did. Pipedream Productions presents WHITE RABBIT, RED RABBIT intriguing audiences now through September 11th. For a full list of actors, performance dates/times, and to purchase tickets you can go to the productions direct website:  Performances are held at the  DU Department of Theatre – JMAC Studios Black Box – 1903 E Iliff Ave Denver, CO 80210.

About Pipedream Productions: Founded by five DU Theatre alums, Pipedream Productions is a Denver-based theatre company that creates an exciting range of theatrical works and partners with local and national charities to bring attention to notable causes. For White Rabbit Red Rabbit, Pipedream is partnering with three separate charities: The Colorado Humane Society – Animal Rights, The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition – Immigrant Rights and Refugee Protection, and PEN Center USA – Protecting Freedom of Speech for the actors to choose. Each of the 21 actors will have the choice of which charity they’d like Pipedream to donate 10% of their performance’s ticket profits.


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