REVIEW: YOU LOST ME at the Denver Center

by Edwin Lobach

Welcome to the Shipwreck Inn, home of where 200 years ago our family’s Ann Harvey saved 160 Irish immigrants from shipwreck off the coast of the Isle aux Morts, Newfoundland. Don’t worry though; the ghosts don’t bite—but ghostly this play is. From the themes of loss, remembrance and renewal, playwright Bonnie Metzgar brings us through a cold, rocky journey of the Harvey family’s struggling inn.

You Lost Me follows the life of present-day Ann Harvey (Tara Falk), an Irish innkeeper and guardian of her angsty nephew Joe-L (Luke Lamontagne). Stories of the family’s past ebb and flow through the present connecting love and loss in evocative ways.

The remarkable set design (Reid Thompson) nearly tells the story itself with its bare, skeletal frames of the inn, reinforced by the chilling sounds and visuals (Shawn Boyle/Jiyoun Chang, Palmer Hefferan) which seem to put a real stir in the air. Altogether I found the set most spectacular in comparison to the rest of the production.

The play is very powerful and it brought my date to tears a couple times. I too had to wipe a teardrop and felt tingles down my spine from the eerie soundscapes. However, a couple times I felt the scenes were underwhelming. Where I thought one scene would have been the height of the play, the execution seemed to fall short, lacking a certain raw emotion, while other climactic points were stronger. I’m still
unsure how I felt about the end; it was beautiful, but abrupt.

All to say, I really am grateful to have seen You Lost Me. We are all struggling with something and Metzgar helps us relate to this struggle.

You Lost Me is a distinguished play, an experience in itself. See the world premiere at Ricketson Theatre now until February 23rd . Information on tickets can be found by calling 303-893-4100 or by visiting


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