The Arvada Center presents


April 2nd – May 19th


What should be a relaxing summer weekend on Martha’s Vineyard goes south when the LeVay brothers bring new girlfriends home to meet their wealthy and imposing parents. But Mom’s not there, and Dad’s acting weird. Lydia Diamond’s refreshing and bold story grapples with race, class, jealousy, and cultural expectations.

PHAMALY presents


March 11th – May 15th

Various Locations

NorthglennArts: March 11, 2022-April 3, 2022

Lone Tree Arts Center: April 22-23, 2022

Arvada Center for the Arts: May 13-15, 2022

Percy, a young woman with a complicated past, is looking to start a new life in a small Wisconsin town that has seen better days. She finds work at THE SPITFIRE GRILL, a rundown diner with a disenfranchised proprietor. Through her sheer force of determination, optimism, and love, Percy is able to revitalize the grill and, in turn, the community. This comforting, folksy musical will get your toes tapping as you enter a world of hope, redemption, and some good ol’ breakfast.

The Arvada Center presents


Feb 4th – May 22nd

Charming, handsome, and a compulsive lair, Dorante arrives in Paris looking for a good time. He falls in love the the beautiful Clarice, but his dishonest ways throw him into a tanged web  of mistaken identities and false accusations. After lying his way into a world of trouble, can Dorante lie his way back out again? Fiendishly clever and a bit naughty, this updated adaptation of the classic French farce weaves wordplay and swordplay into a wild comic romp.


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